What Am

VP of Marketing • Web Project Manager • Marketing Manager
Project Manager • Account Executive • Social Media Manager • Sales
Video Editor • Consultant • Affiliate Marketing

I suppose it’s a good problem to have, my work experience and talents are often too diverse to fit into a standard resume format. I am genuinely interested in a number of career paths, any one of which would provide me with a very fulfilled professional life.

I worked over 10 years for a large California marketing agency

I very much enjoyed agency life. When I started with the company there were 12 employees. Within a few years, that ballooned up to 80 and soon fell to 60 workers which then crashed to 20. I’m grateful to have the experience of working for a rabidly growing (and shrinking company). It takes a positive person with strong team building skills to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. I am proud to be a part of many award winning and behavior changing projects. I can honestly say through the power of producing effective public information materials, I made the world a better the better place.

While working for the Marketing company I was the Manager of the Digital Media Department and my duties included Account Leader, Writing, Producing, Directing, Project Management, Video Edit, Camera, Animator, Hiring, Training, Budgets and Sales.

jira, photoshop, finalcut pro, fcp, after effects, final cut, basecamp, Word, Excel,

Software Proficientcy

18 Months as Project Manager for the worlds largest Internet Marketing company

After spending so long in the traditional marketing arena, It was an opportunity to jump into the world of Affiliate Marketing and pure project management. I worked with both the Creative and Development teams and managed hundreds of projects utilizing PMP practices, Agile and Scrum methodologies. I implemented many time saving practices which resulted in greater profits for a major company.

2 years in Travel/Tourism, Sales and Destination Marketing

I have always been intrigued by the Travel and Tourism industry and I was happy to have the opportunity to work on St. John in the Virgin Islands and build on some of my previous skills as well as develop new ones. Major companies needed my planning to ensure the success of their incentive and corporate trips. I utilized Google Analytics and studied the information in order to optimize and target our marketing.

Frank Johnson • success@franklinj.com