Who Am

I love to explore …

I’ve been to 20 countries and 35 US States and have traveled California extensively. I served my country for 5 years in the United States Air Force and traveled much of Western Europe. California State University, Fresno is where I received my B.A. degree in Mass Communication and Journalism/Video Production.

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Adventure, history and travel

I enjoy bringing people together from different backgrounds. Often, I am the common link between friends from who normally wouldn’t  have the chance to socialize with each other. In the business world this means I’m effective at communicating with different team members and engendering trust and confidence with clients.

Unfamiliar situations bring out the best in me for it’s a chance to think creatively with adaptive agility. Hard work, ingenuity, loyalty, honesty and compassion are some of the key ingredients of my make up.

Collecting foreign paper money is one of my passions and I have over 600 bills from 90+ countries. Hiking, backpacking, fossil hunting, SCUBA, travel, museums, photography, reading and films are just some of my interests. I have also taken computer programming classes just for fun including an iPhone App development class.

Frank Johnson • success@franklinj.com