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Veterans’ Day Reflections of The Wall

  This pic was a few weeks after the actual breach of the wall and the unbridled sense of euphoria subsided while East Germany restored a sense of order. Like attending a great concert with 20,000 people singing the same song in unison, there was an atmosphere of joy and optimism. All too often, it […]


South Carolina Swamp

Provenance of the Earthen Berm

  The damp, woody aroma of a forest steaming with swampy heat and bathed in a chorus of screeching cicada, offer inherent intrigue to hikers through a South Carolina National Forest. Trees, shrubs and grass display an indescribably intense green and surround a leaf-ladened path in every direction. But behind the veil of bearded moss […]

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Drunk Inside a Lucid Dream

While sitting amongst the 18th Century Danish ruins on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands, I was inspired to write a poem:   Drunk inside a lucid dream Drunk inside a lucid dream Bright sky blue anneal my lids Sun glare searing, prying, baking Welcome wind whirling, sating   Green upon green, […]

Charleston: The Bell Jar City

As a new person to Chuck Town, I’m continually astonished at the omnipresent sense of history. It’s wonderfully inescapable. Block after city block of structures that have celebrated over 150 birthdays. As you would expect, the homes, business and landmarks each bear their age differently. Happily, many stand tall and strong, defiant of time and […]

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